What is Mobile-ID?

Mobile-ID is a physical SIM-card based solution

Mobile-ID will always be with you, inside your phone. Getting a new phone? No worries! Just move the SIM-card and you’ll be good to go!

Mobile-ID is safe

Mobile-ID meets the highest security standards set for personal identification. It’s issued in Estonia and Lithuania by mobile operators. In Estonia it is issued in accordance with the Identity Documents Act. Electronic signatures given with Mobile-ID are equal to handwritten signatures. Mobile-ID is eIDAS certified. You need to prove your identity with a passport or an ID-card when applying, all communications used for Mobile-ID are encrypted and gaining access to your phone won’t put you at risk because of the PIN-codes.

Mobile-ID is valid for 5 years

Your certificates remain valid for 5 years. That means five years of secure, stress-free and convenient authentication and digital signing always within your reach. How cool is that?!

Mobile-ID for minors

Please check the information provided by your mobile operator. In general, the service is open for children aged 7 to 17, but specific age limits may be set by your mobile operator.